The Full Story: Tips for Natural Lip Enhancement

Prevention LipsThere’s been a lot of talk about lip enhancements lately, and I’m happy to report that these days the buzz is less about lips gone wrong and more focused on tips for how to safely and naturally enhance your own.

In a recent interview with Prevention Magazine, I explained that the lips, like other areas of the face, lose volume with age. Injections can be used in several ways: to smooth the lips and restore them to a more youthful fullness, define the boarders of the lips or emphasize the cupid’s bow.

“…as people get older, they tend to lose definition in the lips, especially at the cupid’s bow of the central upper lip and lip border.”

No, bigger is not better. That early lip augmentation trend was been put to bed once bloated, oversized (duck) lips received a whole lot of negative media attention. As I told Prevention, “It is not just about making lips bigger but rather creating balance and proportion to the upper and lower lip.”

And that means fuller lips, but designed for each individual, so that they’re yours only years younger.

Dr. Few

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